Payr is a Digital Financial Tool that enables Buyers to access credit instantaneously in order to settle invoices to their Suppliers on the strength of their inventory, transaction history or credit scoring through Banks or Financial Wallets. The Buyers can be in the form of Retail Merchants, Distributors, Warehouses, Processors that are intricately linked in a contractual supply chain.
Majority of SME Merchants have short term financing needs in order to replenish inventory through orders, purchases and deliveries from Suppliers. These needs are often urgent and time sensitive and cannot be subjected to normally long loan application processes. Payr provides a secure digital solution for instantaneous access to stock financing credit and guaranteed supplier payments.

Value Proposition
The Payr Solution is targeted at Bank, Financial Institutions and Financial Wallet Service providers that serve the SME Market. It provides them with:

• Access to Untapped Customer Base of SME Market that historically shied away from due to lack of visibility
• New Revenue Opportunities through new Business Accounts as well as Agency Banking Points of Presence
• Digital money is kept within the bank ecosystem
• Speed of cash to bank, once payments are done
• Credit under writing by the Bank since they now have visibility of Merchant transactions and Supplier Payments
• New Financial Products to the merchants including Trade, Invoice Discounting, collateral, non-collateral products, leasing specifically targeted at SME Retail
• SME Business Visibility hence de-risking made easier
• Closed Loop Ecosystem of Payments and Settlements between the Retail and Suppliers
• Live Balance Sheet and Cashflow KPI Tracking for continuous assessment of SME customer’s business