Value Added Services

Loyalty & Rewards 

As a value Added Service, we offer a Loyalty and Rewards platform that is used to award and/ or incentives different parties to increase productivity, performance and efficiency.

Rewards To Outlets

To increase outlet efficiency in  relation to making purchase orders, driving clients’ products sales to customers/ consumers, the manufacture/ distributor may offer incentives to the outlet, upon reaching set targets.

Example: On reaching orders worth a certain target amount set by the Client Manufacturer, the outlet receives loyalty points which are renewable.  For example, on making orders worth Ksh 600,000 an outlet earns 2points, which after a period of time can be renewed for incentives set by the client and depending on the number of points accumulated such as having the outlet branded by the manufacturer or earning an extra number of free items (e.g 30units) with the next order.

Rewards To Merchandizers 

For merchandizers, to increase field productivity, the Manufacturer also sets a number of targets to be achieved in order to receive rewards.

Rewards can be earned based off targets set on outlet coverage, orders generated, sales made, successful calls or hours worked.

The Loyalty & Rewards platform is flexible to incorporate different rewards for different KPIs and targets for the KPIs.