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Analytics Kit
Package Reports Persona
Bronze Standard reports from selected surveys Same reports for all
  • All bronze reports
  • Time analysis
  • Standard maps

o Outlet coverage

o Colour coded

  • Outlet efficiency
  • Fare spent
Director- coverage, maps, month to date, outlet frequency

Senior management– number of activities, outlet efficiency, maps, stock outs

Admin- activities, time analysis, fare spent, stock outs, coverage

  • All silver pack
  • Zero sales
  • Drop size
  • Strike rate
  • Hours worked
  • Activity maps
Director- All Silver + drop size, strike rate, hours worked, activity maps, zero sales, orders

Senior management– All Silver + order value (per outlet, scout, day)

Admin- All Silver + order value

  • All Gold
  • Outlet Mapping Analysis
Director – All Gold + Outlet Mapping Analysis

Senior Management – All Gold + Outlet Mapping

Admin – All Gold + Outlet Mappin

Find below sample persona-based output reports

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