Distribution Market Management


    A data collection tool has been developed that can be used to collect information on the retail outlets along the distribution supply chain. The tool is a highly configurable mobile application that allows users to configure surveys/questionnaires within the application; data collectors can then collect information on the retail outlet data by entering the data in the app.
    The data that is able to be collected includes:
    • Outlet Name
    • Outlet Location (including GPS coordinates)
    • Outlet Contact Information
    o Contact Name
    o Contact Phone Number
    • Outlet Type (e.g. Kiosk, Supermarket, etc.)
    • Outlet Category (e.g. Key Account, Café, etc.)
    • Outlet Pricing Tier

    Download and try out the Distribution Market Management App
    Click to download Distribution Market Management App

    Have a look at the sample Outlet Mapping dashboard reports.