Batch Management


    A PC Windows application has been developed that can be used by the reception clerk at the Warehouse/Factory to record the details of what has been stored from the field purchase transactions. The application is able to record the following details per reception transaction:
    • Storage Date/Time
    • Transporter Details
    o Vehicle Registration Number
    o Driver Name
    • Commodity Stored
    • Net Weight Stored
    The following outputs can be generated by recording the movement of inventory:
    • Batch History
    o The batch history report displays the product batches per farm with the following data calculated:
     % Yield (Intake Weight vs Packed Weight)
     %Waste (Intake Weight vs Waste Weight)
     % Rejects (Intake Weight vs Rejects Weight)
    o The Batch History report can be drilled-down to display the batch at the following levels:
     Date
     Product
     Farm
     Customer
     Customer Product
    • The Rejection Note can also be viewed to display the rejected weight per farm batch
    • The Stock Card report displays the number of days that products have been in the cold room. The column has been conditionally formatted such that the oldest stock is highlighted in red and the newest stock highlighted in green

    Have a look at the sample dashboard reports.