Agro Value Chain Solution

Transformation of Agro Value Chain

Market Situation

Significant challenges hinder the digitization of the Food Value chain for farmers, cooperatives, service providers, processors, distributors and retailers in the food industry, although they are a key engine of growth in the economy.
Five key challenges plague the Agro Sector in unlocking Value include: lack of collateral, lack of records to access credit, losses in storage, lack of knowledge on best practices and poor farmer returns.
Supply chain automation Technology creates an opportunity to activate the dynamic Youth in a country such that they can provide valuable services to the Farming Community, generate revenue, reduce the endemic fraud and corruption in the produce purchase process while enhancing efficiencies.

Value Proposition

This proposition creates a unique competitive advantage to digitally enabled youth by providing a platform for them to provide beneficial innovative services to the agro and food industry through technology while rebuilding their warning interest in the sector.
The Agro Value Chain Solution provides a solid platform by which the country can convert the youth to be agents of Agricultural Transformation both economically and socially towards ensuring food security.

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